Fabletics Is Coming to a City Near You

Fabletics is coming to a city near you. At least this is what Kate Hudson plans to do. She has 100 stores on her radar for the next five years, and she is trying to get the word out about the brand as much as he can. This is one of the things that the team of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg did not have before. They already were successful in their own right with Just Fab, but this has always been and e-commerce deal. There was no physical store for JustFab customers to consider. What Kate Hudson has done as a third co-founding partner of Fabletics is push for brick-and-mortar stores.


She has created a brand that has become immensely prominent in a short amount of time. In less than a decade she has been able to create the type of company that has received the attention of lots of consumers. People are impressed with the e-commerce site, but Kate Hudson has an agenda to push more physical stores into place throughout the United States. She knows that more than 200 million-dollars in revenue that she gains through the website is quite an accomplishment, but she believes in her effort to compete with other companies like Amazon that she will have to go even further.


Kate Hudson is a fan of the brick-and-mortar concept because there are already a dozen of the Fabletics stores in place and they are doing quite well right now. Kate has a mission, and she is putting lots of other things in her rearview mirror in order to take care of her plans to build this company up. She has even slowed down in the entertainment world in order to see her plans come to full fruition. There is certainly a great amount of admiration for the dedication that Kate Hudson has. What she has been able to do is worthy of praise. She has shown herself strong as a leader, and reverse showrooming is what she has started using to get people excited about upcoming stores. She knows that this is a chain reaction that leads to other positive feedback. She believes that when she gets in to more stores consumers are going to have a greater chance of finding something that they like. When they have the possibility to try things on it is possible that they may even spend more money.