The Range of Richard Mishaan Design

The country’s leading architects and designers revealed their insight into staying away from frequent design blunders men create and how to resolve them.

The experts renovated a $26.8 million New York townhouse and shared their guidelines throughout the process.

The New York interior designer behind Richard Mishaan Design indicated men are concerned over drawing attention to valuables they acquired from their travels.

He advocates men should display their rugs or hang masks even if they do not complement each other.

A world leader in interior design for more than 25 years and the founder of Richard Mishaan Design, his company’s reach extends from design advancement to marketing and advertising programs.

Mishaan was born in Cartagna, Colombia and moved to New York in 1978. He is the author of two books, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern.

Architect and designer Neal Beckstedt, along with Timothy Brown, agreed that thinking in black and white is an unlikely option for men as they should think in color as well.

Beckstedt offered the tip of making use of wood sensibly and adding shine and polish to it as design should be all about strikingly different. Architectural glass is quickly captivating the design world, I have some in my own home and love it.

Designer Robert Stilin recommends designing a living room that is comfy and relaxing for the family and not planned as a model.

What’s more interior designer Susan Ferrier gave the example of “floating the furniture,” rather than putting all the couches and chairs against a wall.

Among other design errors men turn out involve squandering money where it does not make a difference and purchasing furniture that is outsized for the space. Buying miniature furniture is also a mistake.

Additional design mistakes include transforming dim space by taking a good look at the space and what will fill it and never agreeing to have someone else, such as a girlfriend or decorator, define your home.

Experts singled out how important research is in identifying what you want. They suggest taking pictures and checking out web sites to help in the process. And be sure to purchase what you need and be patient and not buy something you are not in love with.

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