Samuel Strauch and Real Estate in Miami Beach

UPDATED May 25th, 2017 – Samuel Strauch was recently featured in where he “Reveals the 10 U.S. Cities with the Hottest Suburban Neighborhoods”. Click here to read the full article.

The real estate in Miami Beach, Florida is considered an affordable market. The price of properties in the area is under three-hundred-thousand dollars. It is believed that if no big change occurs in the market, the prices of the houses in Miami Beach area will remain the same. The price range is very competitive, and all the inventory will be sold out within next two months. It is the main reason why buyers in Miami Beach face steep competition and multiple offers. Real estate in Miami Beach has everything for everyone which includes single-family houses as well as condos.

Samuel Strauch is a licensed real estate agent in Miami Beach area in Florida for the last fourteen years. He is associated with the famous incorporation named as Affinity Realty Group. He completed transactions in many areas like Isles Beach, Margate, Hollywood, Aventura, Miami, and Miami Beach. As per the rankings of HomeLight, Samuel Strauch is among the top twelve percentage of the agents working in Miami Beach areas. He has successfully sold many homes in Miami Beach, and he is now among the top sixteen percentage of the real estate agents that have successfully sold the homes.

Since 2009, Samuel Strauch is one of those real estate agents that have successfully sold thirty-eight properties in large cities. In most of the cases, Samuel Strauch is usually a buyer. He is credited with the completion and sale of eight transactions. Later, he was very popular among the company and public. One of the major achievements of Samuel Strauch is a representation of seller condominium which was sold for a huge amount of eight-hundred-and-eighty-nine fifties. Samuel Strauch acquired education from the most prestigious three universities of the US. They include Harvard University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Hofstra University. The versatile education has made Samuel Strauch an exceptionally great doctor.

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