Marc Spark Defines Serial Entrepreneur

If there is anyone who can in the truest sense be considered a serial entrepreneur, without the shadow of a doubt, it has to be Marc Spark. He finished high school in Austin, Texas, way back in 1972 and has since then been responsible for more than a dozen startups. Some of these were huge successes and some you have guessed it right-utter failures.Learn more :


In all Marc has some thirty-four years of startup wisdom to give us in a time when start-ups are quite the flavor of the times. He sure has something to say as despite being a below average student, he managed to do pretty well for himself, as evidenced by the fact that he could sell hundreds and millions of dollars worth of products that he made!

How many Ivy League graduates, have managed that? Even though he had next to no formal training in life, he had one thing that really helped him throughout his long career- an unerring instinct to do what worked for him like a charm-well at least most of the time. His ideas were all original and not something that most people would think of.


His modus operandi for success is to take the kernel of an idea, and then go ahead and build not just a viable business model around it, but a whole corporate culture, complete with short term and long term plans for growth. His mantra for success has always been to lead by example and more often than not, this has fired the imagination of his staff, who have then proceeded to exceed themselves-like their boss does.


Marc has no qualms in sharing the secret behind his success as well as the pain of his failures. He bares it all in his book, “They can’t eat you.” According to him, anyone reading his book would learn more from his failures than success. His experiences sure have been a roller coaster of great highs and extreme lows. From starting a software company that sold $200 million of products a year to building $1 bn market cap insurance company that he created out of his bedroom and then losing it all, in a period of ninety days, Marc is the man who has seen it all.


To those who ask him, as to how he seems so unfazed and unafraid of failure, he says that he is always passionate about life and that is what keeps him going.Learn more :