How End Citizens United is Going to Save American Politics

We are seeing a dramatic shift in how the average every day citizen sees the political machinations going on around the country. The election of Donald Trump, a reality star and real estate trust fund kid, has turned the formerly political apathetic into a new form of activists. Leading the charge is Tiffany Muller, the President of End Citizens United. End Citizens United is a grassroots political action committee that is focused on fighting back against big spending and special interests in the form of campaign finances. Their goal, ultimately, is to repeal the 2010 Citizens United decision in the Supreme Court.


Citizens United is a conservative group that fought with the Supreme Court in order to allow looser regulations and more dark money into the political machine. End Citizens United is the PAC formed by grassroots citizens who want to undo the massive damage that Citizens United did — thus making good on their own special name. End Citizens United was founded by President Tiffany Muller in order to give a real fight to the dirty and dark money that is so ingrained into the United States political machine. Muller has been fighting the good fight for the past year but she is seeing a surge in help from other American voters.


In fact, the beginning of 2017 has been successful on another level for End Citizens United and the rest of the progressive community. The election of President Trump has galvanized a resistance, thus bringing them out to support End Citizens United as much as possible. End Citizens United raised a stunning $4 million through the first spending quarter of the 2017 season and that number is expected to grow dramatically as the year progresses. That $4 million number was raised by every day Americans with the average donation only around $12. There are no special interests here. There are only Americans who want to feel like their country is still working for them. In fact, End Citizens United has a donations cap of $5,000 from any individual.


The goal of End Citizens United is to put politicians into government by way of supporting them through their electoral process. Ultimately, End Citizens United wants to get legislation passed via constitutional amendment in order to undo the infamous Citizen’s United Decision from 2010. Right now the money is pouring in and the petitions are filling up with signatures. End Citizens United saw over 325,000 people sign their ‘End Citizens United’ petition. End Citizens United also parlayed this momentum into support for several key Democratic candidates who all seem focused on changing the way money exists in politics. Of those Democrats, End Citizens United stood up behind Russ Feingold from Wisconsin and Michael Bennet from Colorado.