Eva Moskowitz Makes a Difference in the Lives of Many

Eva Moskowitz is quite an impressive female role model. She is well educated, professionally successful, and empathetic.


Eva Moskowitz grew up in Morningside Heights, Manhattan. She graduated from Stuyvesant High School, and she left to attend University of Pittsburgh where she received her B.A. in history. After her B.A. Eva decided to further her education by receiving A Ph.D in American History from Johns Hopkins University.


Eva Moskowitz has quite an extensive professional background in academia. She taught women’s history at University of Virginia; she was an assistant professor at Vanderbilt University. Eva Moskowitz was also an assistant professor at City University of New York. She taught civics at Prep for Prep school and chaired a faculty seminar in American studies at Columbia University.


Her professional feats do not stop there. Eva also was the director of ReadNet, a children’s literacy program. She wrote a book called In Therapy We Trust and developed a documentary called Some Spirit in Me.


Eva Moskowitz has perhaps received the most recognition for her involvement in Success Academy. Ms. Moskowitz founded Success Academy in 2006. Success Academy is the largest and highest performing free, public charter school systems in New York City. There are over 41 schools that are part of the system. Success Academy has over 14,000 students and has discussed expanding due to the number of applicants.


The results from Success Academy reveal a method that has stimulated success. Students from Success Academy are the top 1% in that state in English; they scored top 2% in the state for math. They also are top 5% in science. This is quite impressive.


Success Academy takes a teaching approach that is unconventional. Instead of focusing solely on lecture Success Academy strives to encourage student engagement with hands-on activities. Success Academy has truly been one of Eva’s greatest successes.