Sweetgreens is going straight to the top

Nathaniel Ru, one of the founders of the restaurant Sweetgreens, was born in 1985 in Pasadena, CA. He graduated with his B.S in Finance from Georgetown University. After graduation is when him and 2 of his Georgetown graduates came together and started Sweetgreens.


The restaurant is known for being a seasonal kitchen that mainly focuses on local sourcing and sustainability. Sweetgreens first location was located right in the heart of Georgetown. Since first starting they have been able to expand to more than 27 different locations located in a total of 6 different states.


The idea of Sweetgreens came to the 3 founders when they finally decided that their community could use more delicious, healthy and also eco friendly dining options. They were able to launch Sweetlife in 2010, which came to be known as the regions largest music and food festival. Over 20,000 people is said to be attracted to this event each year.


The Sweetgreens dream for them started their senior year at Georgetown University located in Washington, D.C. Six years after that the eatery that they had began in the space on M street had turned into the Sweetgreens resturant chain. It had turned out that the tavern space landlord had also been the landlord of the apartment building right around the corner from where Ru and his friends had lived. The landlord happened to of seen a spark in the three men that only had a semester to go to be able to graduate from Georgetown.


The landlord went on to tell them that they needed to come back with a business plan, an architect and also some business backers. It took them nearly three and a half weeks to be able to find some backers and also an architect. Ru went on to talk about how they were blessed to of got the chance that they did and how their timing was just perfect.


The owners of Sweetgreens are now able to proudly say they have stores now located in the Northeast’s major cities and also their suburbs. The chain has continued to serve fresh and healthy meals, with most of the ingredients they use being bought from local farmers and purveyors. Ru has stated that no matter the number of stores that Sweetgreens has that they make sure each and everyone lives up to Sweetgreens core values. Sweetgreens is one resturant that is going straight to the top.

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