Fabletics Athleisure Brand to Reckon With

Fabletics is one of the premier manufacturers and retailers of athleisure products that are in vogue these days. The company offers a wide variety of athleisure products at reasonable prices. Even though the company is relatively young, it has been able to make a huge impact on its target market and has even taken on aggressively on its competitors, which includes leading e-commerce retailers like Amazon. Fabletics started its operations in the year 2013, and just a couple of years has managed to increase its turnover by over two hundred percent, which is remarkable.


Fabletics is a company that has grown substantially over the years, and it is all due to the marketing techniques implemented by the enterprise. Not only has it been able to make a name for itself among the consumers, but has become a highly aspirational brand among the women who are in pursuit of an active lifestyle. Moreover, thanks to the innovative athleisure wear offered by Fabletics, it has become one of the most popular brands among the women in the market it serves. The association of Kate Hudson with the brand as a co-owner has also helped in the bold leap that the company has made in a short span of time.


One of the many reasons why Fabletics has managed to grow substantially is because of the modern reverse showroom technique. In the reverse showroom technique, the company first made its brand name through online marketing and then started to penetrate the market further by opening physical retail stores at the strategic locations countrywide. It has helped in the brand awareness and marketing. The consumers who have heard about Fabletics but haven’t tried their products yet can see for themselves what the brand has to offer. It has helped the company to gain a substantial amount of paid members through its VIP membership model.


Fabletics is a brand that continues to grow at an enormous pace, and it is because it has filled the gap in the market that was otherwise dominated by expensive athleisure products. Fabletics made it a point that it would provide its products at economical prices to suit the budget of the masses while ensuring there is no compromise made on the quality of the products. Fabletics continues to launch new products that keep the attention of its customers. For customers shopping at Fabletics for the first time, taking Lifestyle Quiz on its official website is highly recommended.