Securus Technologies Customers Innovate New Technology With Comments

Securus Technologies customers play an actual role in the services and features created throughout their inmate calling network. Their CEO, Rick A. Smith says, Securus makes customer input a priority for their executive team and it’s also a part of their training for their IT professionals. They teach them how to suggest their customers leave their questions or comments. In fact, their feedback has been very popular for their customers to compare features with other networks, interact, utilize crime prevention initiatives, and refer popular technology. You can save money while staying connected to your friends and love ones in a correctional facility.


Preferred Securus Technology


There are so many different features at Securus, they’re customers are finding it hard to pin down one feature of choice. However, their remote visitation feature has been popular because it allows families to connect securely online. You get a high def video with superior sound quality to help maximize your visit over the internet. You’ll be looking at your love ones in color from anywhere you choose. Customers also refer their inmate email, online photos, packaging services, pre-paid features, and inmate voicemail. Your invited to join the Securus Technologies family by choosing from their descriptive tabs.


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