Roberto Santiago Is The Mastermind Behind The Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago was not always the high-net-worth real estate investor that your see today. He started out with a modest cartonnage company in his hometown of Joao Pessoa. His small company grew when he started providing bulk folding cartons to some of the largest companies in Brazil.

Roberto has since moved on to bigger investment projects with a great deal being in real estate. Since 1989, he had transformed a bare plot of land into the largest mall in Joao Pessoa. The Manaira Shopping Mall has gone through great strides during the development process and has overcome both financial and democratic hurdles along the way. It is now the center of the town’s entertainment as is known to always have something going on.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is an architectural wonder for this part of Brazil and is equipped with first world amenities. Aside from retail shops, it has bowling alleys, arcades, ethnic restaurants, movie theaters and more. It is equipped with a highly trained security staff so that security is not a major issue in this peaceful mall. The mall has especially started to focus on gourmet food rather than just the typical fast food or Brazillian-style buffets.

The mall has since been modernizing in the past several years. 3D cinemas have made it into the mall and are one of the few available in this part of Brazil. Many top fashion and electronics brands have been imported into the mall so that you may have the internationalized experience.

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The Domus theater was added to the top level so that concerts may be held on the roof. Every year there are both national and international bands holding events since it is one of the only concert halls in the area. This hall can hold an amazing 10,000 people with ease with 4,000 of them allowed to have seats. The area is also sound-proofed so that the music does not disturb the other floors of the mall.

Robert has also invested in another called Madeira, which is located in another part of town. Since 2013, the new mall has since boosted the economic activity of the town and has raised real estate prices in nearby areas. This town is rapidly growing and has a great international presence, so the construction of additional retail spaces is high in demand. Read more on

To keep up with Robert Santiago, you can keep up with his blog, which contains his personal thoughts and business announcements. You may also check out the official website for his shopping mall to receive updates on events and store openings. The cinema page can be watched for the latest movie releases, showtimes, and booking information. A full list of restaurants is found on their Gastronomia page.

Hussain Sajwani Bridging the International Real Estate Gap

There are few real estate moguls as successful as Hussain Sajwani within the real estate development sector. Sajwani’s success has established him as one of the premiere developers in the United Arab Emirates.

His work has stemmed from astute studies at the University of Washington. His work there would launch his prospective career as a developer and establish long lasting deals that in turn thrust Dubai into the center within the real estate community.

Educational Studies in the United States

Sajwani’s studies overseas allowed him to become more acquainted with the western form of capitalism that would drive Sajwani’s designated success for years to come. This move positioned Sajwani to be able to cultivate impactful deals that would ultimately be extremely life changing for Sajwani and for all of Dubai.

Sajwani’s studies in the United States brought him into a fuller understanding of the inner workings of overall capitalism. By being capable to embrace how capitalism functions within the global economy Sajwani has been capable to position himself to make strong deals with western businessmen.

Founder of Highly Successful Startups

One of Hussain Sajwani’s crowning achievements has been his ability to take DAMAC and build it into a multi-billion-dollar company. DAMAC is a corporation founded by Sajwani that caters towards companies who need real estate development services. Read more: Hussain Al Habib Sajwani

Through DAMAC Sajwani has been able to build his presence throughout the Mideast and establish himself and the company as one of the leaders in real estate development.

DAMAC is considered to be one of the foremost premier development companies globally and has thus allowed Sajwani to establish relationships that transcend his work in Dubai. Learn more about DAMAC owner: and

Future Goals and Projects

Perhaps the most highly publicized project in which Hussain Sajwani worked on was that with Donald Trump. Trump had wanted to expand his real estate business into Dubai and chose to work with Sajwani in order to do so.

Since the completion of the project, Sajwani has admitted that he would love to work with the now President Trump in future projects if Donald Trump were willing to do so.

Hussain Sajwani continues to be a leader and innovate in Mideastern real estate.

A Look At Sam Boraie’s Illustrative Career At Boraie Development

Sam Boraie is one of the vice presidents of Boraie Development. The company has been building high-end properties in New Brunswick. Its luxurious projects have attracted millennials and trendy renters who are obsessed with a blend of modern designs and upscale superfluity. In a recent report by PR News, Boraie Development’s 17-story tower known as The Aspire opened its doors to the public. It is located at 135 Somerset Street, New Brunswick, NJ. The property, which is near the New Brunswick train station and the Manhattan’s Penn Station, offers a coveted lifestyle of exciting dining options, a variety of entertainment and nightlife spots. The Aspire has 238 studio, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom designer apartments with modern designs, and amenities such as private parking, two private roof decks and a lobby with 24/7 concierge/doorman.

Renters are guaranteed to enjoy gourmet kitchens with island, closets and bathroom details as well as large windows and balconies that offers a great view of the Johnson Park and the Raritan River. Tenants can also access a private residential club and a 24/7 fitness center with cable TV and fast internet connection, and a concierge system where they can pay rent online and receive messages. Studio apartments will be retailing at $1,750 while a 1-bedroom apartment will cost $1,895. The price of a Two-bedroom apartment will start from $2,750.

Sam Boraie is the son of Omar Boraie, the Egyptian-born real estate professional who is the founder and CEO of Boraie Development, Sam is among the key leaders of the family-owned company. Through his transformative leadership, Sam has managed to enhance the entity’s operations. He is charged with the duty of identifying new development targets. The New Jersey-based real estate company works with leading financial institutions, contractors and visionary architects to develop innovative properties. The company offers real estate development services, property management, besides marketing and selling properties. The company has played a leading role in transforming New Brunswick’s landscape and revitalizing its economy. Sam Boraie has overseen the development of other properties, including New Jersey Today and Five visions.

Sam Boraie’s contribution in New Brunswick’s real estate has attracted many new residents to the region. This way, the demand for housing has continued to increase. He has also overseen numerous acquisitions. Over the years, Sam has used his deep connections to market the company’s properties. Owing to his exemplary marketing skills and extensive knowledge of the market, Sam has been able to create wealth. This way, he has been able to play an active role in the community through charitable organizations.

Sam is a consummate humanitarian. He sits on the advisory board of a prominent charitable organization, Elijah’s Promise. This entity supports needy communities across New Jersey. Elijah’s Promise seeks to eradicate hunger and poverty by offering food and empowering individuals to secure satisfactory employment. In addition, Sam is a member of the board of trustees of the State Theatre of New Jersey where he serves together with other renowned local businessmen. The State Theatre is a performing arts venue that hosts several artists and events across New Jersey. This non-profit organization focuses on improving people’s lives through urban development, education and awareness.