Results of a Research Carried on PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz established Westwood One. The company became the most extensive radio network and provider of talk, sports, entertainment, news, and traffic programming in America to the Broadcast sector. Westwood One was the owner and manager and distributor of CNN radio, NBC radio networks, NFKL Football, CBS News, March Madness, NCCAA Basketball, and winter and Summer Olympic Games. Pattiz also established Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. Most recently, he founded PodcastOne and PodcastOne Sales, which is a leading podcast sales and marketing provider in the nation.

Norman Pattiz was in 2000 appointed by President Clinton and in 2002 was reappointed by President Bush to work on the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) of the US. The BBG oversees nonmilitary broadcasting services in the US such as Radio Free Europe, Middle East Broadcasting, The Voice of America, and Radio Liberty. Norman was tasked with launching and conceiving television services and Americas Arabic language radio to close to 22 countries in the Middle East. It was reaching to more than 40 million listeners weekly. Learn more:

Besides his experience in broadcasting, Norman works as a Regent of the University of California. He also chairs the Los Alamos National Security Laboratories and Lawrence Livermore. Pattiz is also a member of Pacific Council on International Relations and the Council of Foreign Relations. Norman joined the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. Due to his achievements and reforms in the broadcasting sectors, Norman was awarded the Giants of Broadcasting Award by the Library of American Broadcasting. Learn more:

The chief executive officer of PodcastOne and the vice president of Edison Research Strategy made public the final results of progressive, inclusive studies that were carried out by advertising tests with the top customer brands in the nation. The original researchers of brand boost for the podcast promoters occurred in the half of 2016. It showcased the influence of podcast brand advertising, recall of precise messaging, and intention to purchase.

The results of the research indicated that over 60 percent of podcast listeners referred to a specific grocery brand after the Ad runs. It also showed that the statistics had increased from seven percent with spectators in the pre-study. The studies also indicated that responsiveness of independent products had been enhanced by the research to the post-research by about 47 percent for financial service products. The grass and garden products had also increased by 24 percent and 37 percent for vehicle after-market products. The research companies noted that over a third of respondents had positive reviews in the post-research.

Fabletics Athleisure Brand to Reckon With

Fabletics is one of the premier manufacturers and retailers of athleisure products that are in vogue these days. The company offers a wide variety of athleisure products at reasonable prices. Even though the company is relatively young, it has been able to make a huge impact on its target market and has even taken on aggressively on its competitors, which includes leading e-commerce retailers like Amazon. Fabletics started its operations in the year 2013, and just a couple of years has managed to increase its turnover by over two hundred percent, which is remarkable.


Fabletics is a company that has grown substantially over the years, and it is all due to the marketing techniques implemented by the enterprise. Not only has it been able to make a name for itself among the consumers, but has become a highly aspirational brand among the women who are in pursuit of an active lifestyle. Moreover, thanks to the innovative athleisure wear offered by Fabletics, it has become one of the most popular brands among the women in the market it serves. The association of Kate Hudson with the brand as a co-owner has also helped in the bold leap that the company has made in a short span of time.


One of the many reasons why Fabletics has managed to grow substantially is because of the modern reverse showroom technique. In the reverse showroom technique, the company first made its brand name through online marketing and then started to penetrate the market further by opening physical retail stores at the strategic locations countrywide. It has helped in the brand awareness and marketing. The consumers who have heard about Fabletics but haven’t tried their products yet can see for themselves what the brand has to offer. It has helped the company to gain a substantial amount of paid members through its VIP membership model.


Fabletics is a brand that continues to grow at an enormous pace, and it is because it has filled the gap in the market that was otherwise dominated by expensive athleisure products. Fabletics made it a point that it would provide its products at economical prices to suit the budget of the masses while ensuring there is no compromise made on the quality of the products. Fabletics continues to launch new products that keep the attention of its customers. For customers shopping at Fabletics for the first time, taking Lifestyle Quiz on its official website is highly recommended.

Fabletics: Revolutionizing Athleisure and Brand Awareness. All in one.

Exactly how did Kate Hudson grow a nationally recognized athletic clothing brand in just 4 years? Low and behold, leveraging the power of the crowd.

Consumer reviews can be tied to the success of the California based brand Fabletics. How so? It turns out people trust other people, especially when it comes to reviews posted by customers. Online reviews weight heavily on potential consumers who are in the market to purchase. When someone is convinced via an online review to buy those floral leggings and matching sports bra, an increase in brand reach and revenue is imminent on Fabletics side. Through consumer reviews: knowledge of the Fabletics brand spread increasing brand loyalty and brand retention, all in one.


The power of the crowd involves more than just one. Customer reviews have the power to indicate how future consumer behavior will play out. Will the brand flip or flop? Customers tend to trust other customers who have positive or negative things to say pertaining to a specific brand. Furthermore, poor customer reviews can also heavily weigh on a brand’s image. The reputation of a business has recently been emphasized to be one of the most impactful customer considerations. A direct link between a brand’s image and honest customer reviews occur when brands feature reviews directly on their website, linking honesty and credibility. Customer reviews can deepen the reach of a brand’s target demographic, like Fabletics and convince one more athleisure junkie to buy that brand new pair of well-fitted leggings. The success of positive reviews is also directly correlated to a brand’s revenue. With positive reviews comes an increase in the search results provided by Google, trafficking more customers to a brand’s landing page. In addition to boosting page views, positive reviews increase repetition in buying trends amongst loyal brand customers. The success of Fabletics can be traced to original customers helping tailor products better suited for their wants and needs. When customers feel as if their needs and wants are heard, brand retention and repetition of buying occurs in sync. With a goal to help females feel better in the gym and off, Kate Hudson and Fabletics has effortlessly captured how to appropriately leverage the power of a crowd.


Fabletics began back in 2013 when Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, founders of TechStyle Fashion Group, came to the realization that the current market lacked both affordable and stylist athletic apparel for women. Kate Hudson was approached to be the face of the change and together, Fabletics was co-founded. The transparency of Kate Hudson’s personal brand to female athleisure seemed like a no brainer. The success of Fabletics can be credited to the data-driven approach to selling. For women are looking for something to throw on to run round with their kids or run laps at the gym, Fabletics and Kate Hudson have their backs.

Paul Mampilly’s Passion In Investment

Paul Mampilly is an investment analyst who worked on Wall Street. At the moment, Paul Mampilly’s daily activities are aimed towards helping people make money. This motive was nurtured in his previous dealings. Paul Mampilly started working at Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio director. In this organization, Paul displayed his passion for finance by working incredibly hard.

After some time, Paul worked his path up as a renowned investor for multi-billion dollar enterprises. Among the companies he worked for is Kinetics Asset management which during Paul’s leadership term earned the World’s top hedge fund.

While on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly spotted a setback with the company. Paul noted that Wall Street’s operations were mostly considerate of the elite class ruling out the weak class. This company’s factor inspired Paul Mampilly to establish his organization known as Profits Unlimited. The privately owned enterprise consists of a newsletter that gives instructions to Americans on how to make investments with their hard earned cash. Besides giving the Americans helpful investment tips, Paul Mampilly hopes to attend to the people individually. Paul Mampilly believes that personal care can change people’s financial lives and help them make their paychecks useful and live more fulfilling lives.

Over the years, Americans have prioritized Mampilly’s newsletter to other available newsletters. The reason behind this phenomenon is Mampilly’s strategy of keeping the customer’s priorities first. In Paul’s newsletters, the reader’s concerns are prioritized. Additionally, Mr. Paul Mampilly offers book recommendations to budding investors. His recommended books are the ones that he has enjoyed reading including: How I Made $2 Million in the Stock Market. Paul postulates that this book has the most relevant investment tips that have shaped his strategies in the way he carries his operations.

Besides enhancing individual’s lives, Paul Mampilly works in other famous organizations. In 2016, Paul became a member of The Sovereign Society and worked as the senior editor. Paul Mampilly still collaborates with Wall Street in aiding Americans to locate wealth in technology, exceptional opportunities, and small-cap stocks. Paul Mampilly believes that technology will revolutionize lives by generating significant investments. Paul Mampilly provides that the intermarriage of investment and technology will be his biggest venture and part of his writings.

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Sweetgreens is going straight to the top

Nathaniel Ru, one of the founders of the restaurant Sweetgreens, was born in 1985 in Pasadena, CA. He graduated with his B.S in Finance from Georgetown University. After graduation is when him and 2 of his Georgetown graduates came together and started Sweetgreens.


The restaurant is known for being a seasonal kitchen that mainly focuses on local sourcing and sustainability. Sweetgreens first location was located right in the heart of Georgetown. Since first starting they have been able to expand to more than 27 different locations located in a total of 6 different states.


The idea of Sweetgreens came to the 3 founders when they finally decided that their community could use more delicious, healthy and also eco friendly dining options. They were able to launch Sweetlife in 2010, which came to be known as the regions largest music and food festival. Over 20,000 people is said to be attracted to this event each year.


The Sweetgreens dream for them started their senior year at Georgetown University located in Washington, D.C. Six years after that the eatery that they had began in the space on M street had turned into the Sweetgreens resturant chain. It had turned out that the tavern space landlord had also been the landlord of the apartment building right around the corner from where Ru and his friends had lived. The landlord happened to of seen a spark in the three men that only had a semester to go to be able to graduate from Georgetown.


The landlord went on to tell them that they needed to come back with a business plan, an architect and also some business backers. It took them nearly three and a half weeks to be able to find some backers and also an architect. Ru went on to talk about how they were blessed to of got the chance that they did and how their timing was just perfect.


The owners of Sweetgreens are now able to proudly say they have stores now located in the Northeast’s major cities and also their suburbs. The chain has continued to serve fresh and healthy meals, with most of the ingredients they use being bought from local farmers and purveyors. Ru has stated that no matter the number of stores that Sweetgreens has that they make sure each and everyone lives up to Sweetgreens core values. Sweetgreens is one resturant that is going straight to the top.

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Adam Milstein: The Israeli-American Top Philanthropist

Jews have been going through hostility, prejudice, and discrimination after series of pogroms targeting Jews that were in Eastern Europe and Latin America that began in the 20th century. The Jews were murdered with most of them escaping to the United States and Israel. After a few years, Jews could not depend on anyone to protect them. Hence they decided to fight anti-Semitism for self-defense.

Today anti-Semites including Adam Milstein work to defend the Jews, the state of Israel and any institution with the Jewish people. Jewish face anti-Semitism from radical Islam and the radical left. Radical Islamist and radical leftists cooperate to deny Jews their rights to self- determination.

Records show that anti-Semites are gaining power not only by adding more anti-Semites but also by getting others to understand their ideology.Jews are fighting anti-Semitism with the help of philanthropists like Adam Milstein who support organizations.

Adam Milstein has risen as America’s most prominent pro-Israel philanthropists. Adam was born and raised in Haifa, Israel. He joined the IDF and took part in the Yom Kippur War.The Milstein’s family migrated to the United States in 1981 where he pursued his education in the business school at University of Southern California.

After Adam Milstein had succeeded to be among the top real estate investment managers in Los Angeles, Adam and his wife founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. The foundation provides philanthropic and charitable funds to various organizations that support Jewish people, Israel and the U.S-Israel relationship.

Adam Milstein has a unique philanthropic philosophy because he is not exclusively of financial aid but also provides expertise to organizations, incorporates lessons and skills to ensure the organizations attain efficiency and influence. He focuses on “life path impact” as his priority for significant philanthropy.

Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions Revolutionize the Financial Service Industry

About Wealth Solutions


Wealth Solutions is a global investment advisory firm specializing in comprehensive and personalized financial planning. It targets wealthy families, individuals and small business owners in Austin, Texas and neighboring towns such as Georgetown, Houston, Marble Falls, Bastrop, and New Braunfels. Wealth Solutions offers financial advisory services that allow you to grow and manage your assets. While property management can be a daunting process, Wealth Solutions helps you demystify the confusing elements of wealth management. Richard Blair partnered with CAS, CES, RICP, and CES to establish Wealth Solutions in 1994. Richard Blair is a duly registered financial advisor with over two decades of experience in financial services industry. Learn more:


Even as the financial services sector undergoes rapid changes, Wealth Solutions believes that financial strategies ought to change and adapt to the changing environment. Wealth Solutions is looking for an opportunity to offer dynamic and yet conservative investment solutions. These solutions will help its clients increase their return on investment while minimizing the risk involved. Again, Wealth Solutions is aware of the primary goals of retirees and those preparing to retire. Most retirees look at developing a steady flow of income, preserve their wealth, and leave a legacy behind for their heirs. Wealth Solutions will help you come up with a comprehensive financial plan to pursue your retirement goals. Learn more:


About Richard Blair


Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, a financial advisory firm based in Austin, Texas. He founded Wealth Solutions to make a significant impact on the lives of individuals, families, and small enterprise owners. Having been born to a family with a background in teaching, Richard Blair became interested in teaching at a tender age. His grandmother, mother, and wife were teachers. It’s from them he witnessed that teaching could help an individual grow their knowledge and confidence.


Mr. Blair combined his firsthand experience in teaching with his knowledge in financial services industry to help others in financial and investment planning. He ventured into the financial services industry in 1993 upon graduating from college. In 1994, he founded Wealth Solutions, an independent financial advisory firm to offer unprejudiced financial and investment solutions to all his clients without conflict of interest. Mr. Blair has over the years honed his experience in financial and investment planning. Richard Blair has helped his clients to avoid common financial pitfalls during retirement planning and life after retirement. Learn more:


Eva Moskowitz Makes a Difference in the Lives of Many

Eva Moskowitz is quite an impressive female role model. She is well educated, professionally successful, and empathetic.


Eva Moskowitz grew up in Morningside Heights, Manhattan. She graduated from Stuyvesant High School, and she left to attend University of Pittsburgh where she received her B.A. in history. After her B.A. Eva decided to further her education by receiving A Ph.D in American History from Johns Hopkins University.


Eva Moskowitz has quite an extensive professional background in academia. She taught women’s history at University of Virginia; she was an assistant professor at Vanderbilt University. Eva Moskowitz was also an assistant professor at City University of New York. She taught civics at Prep for Prep school and chaired a faculty seminar in American studies at Columbia University.


Her professional feats do not stop there. Eva also was the director of ReadNet, a children’s literacy program. She wrote a book called In Therapy We Trust and developed a documentary called Some Spirit in Me.


Eva Moskowitz has perhaps received the most recognition for her involvement in Success Academy. Ms. Moskowitz founded Success Academy in 2006. Success Academy is the largest and highest performing free, public charter school systems in New York City. There are over 41 schools that are part of the system. Success Academy has over 14,000 students and has discussed expanding due to the number of applicants.


The results from Success Academy reveal a method that has stimulated success. Students from Success Academy are the top 1% in that state in English; they scored top 2% in the state for math. They also are top 5% in science. This is quite impressive.


Success Academy takes a teaching approach that is unconventional. Instead of focusing solely on lecture Success Academy strives to encourage student engagement with hands-on activities. Success Academy has truly been one of Eva’s greatest successes.

Oncotarget Has Been Very Impactful in the Growth of Science and the Lives of Many

Oncotarget is a free to access online medical journal that is published weekly by Impact Journals. It can also be available in print upon special arrangements. The journal has been in existence since the year 2010. It was established to provide science discoveries on oncology to its readers. Renowned Scientist and former oncology professor, Mikhail Blagosklonny, and a college professor and cancer researcher, Andrei V. Gudkov, serve as the chief editors. The Gordon Research Conference is the Oncotarget’s sponsor.

What makes it Unique

Oncotarget has continued to grow in popularity. In the recent past, scientific discoveries have been on the rise. People would, however, not know about these discoveries if they are not placed at an accessible point. Oncotarget aims at reaching the highest number of people with these findings. The results are peer-reviewed, which makes them more grounded for the users. Much impact is achieved by the timely information conveyed through the journal. By providing information full of insight, many people have continued to embrace the journal. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at Facebook.

Going Beyond Oncology

Despite the initial strategy being a focus on oncology only, Oncotarget has grown to accept other parts of science. They include Neuroscience, Metabolism, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Cell Biology, and Pharmacology. More participants have been incorporated in the journal through the acceptance of other areas of science, which creates more impact. It has also made Oncotarget a one stop platform for people looking for information about different illnesses. Through linking various fields of science, Oncotarget has been able to bridge the gap between biomedical sciences. It has also optimized the use of basic and clinical sciences in preventing and treating diseases. By contributing to the advancement science, Oncotarget is on the way to achieving its mission of a life free of diseases.



Oncotarget has changed the lives of many. By using the information in the journal, patients have been able to manage existing diseases and consequently enjoy longer lives. The impressive performance and selfless contribution to the science field by some of its members have not gone unnoticed. The members including Michael N. Hall, Stephen J. Elledge, Alexander Varshavsky, and Bert Vogelstein were honored with the Breakthrough Prize in 2013.

Roberto Santiago Is The Mastermind Behind The Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago was not always the high-net-worth real estate investor that your see today. He started out with a modest cartonnage company in his hometown of Joao Pessoa. His small company grew when he started providing bulk folding cartons to some of the largest companies in Brazil.

Roberto has since moved on to bigger investment projects with a great deal being in real estate. Since 1989, he had transformed a bare plot of land into the largest mall in Joao Pessoa. The Manaira Shopping Mall has gone through great strides during the development process and has overcome both financial and democratic hurdles along the way. It is now the center of the town’s entertainment as is known to always have something going on.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is an architectural wonder for this part of Brazil and is equipped with first world amenities. Aside from retail shops, it has bowling alleys, arcades, ethnic restaurants, movie theaters and more. It is equipped with a highly trained security staff so that security is not a major issue in this peaceful mall. The mall has especially started to focus on gourmet food rather than just the typical fast food or Brazillian-style buffets.

The mall has since been modernizing in the past several years. 3D cinemas have made it into the mall and are one of the few available in this part of Brazil. Many top fashion and electronics brands have been imported into the mall so that you may have the internationalized experience.

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The Domus theater was added to the top level so that concerts may be held on the roof. Every year there are both national and international bands holding events since it is one of the only concert halls in the area. This hall can hold an amazing 10,000 people with ease with 4,000 of them allowed to have seats. The area is also sound-proofed so that the music does not disturb the other floors of the mall.

Robert has also invested in another called Madeira, which is located in another part of town. Since 2013, the new mall has since boosted the economic activity of the town and has raised real estate prices in nearby areas. This town is rapidly growing and has a great international presence, so the construction of additional retail spaces is high in demand. Read more on

To keep up with Robert Santiago, you can keep up with his blog, which contains his personal thoughts and business announcements. You may also check out the official website for his shopping mall to receive updates on events and store openings. The cinema page can be watched for the latest movie releases, showtimes, and booking information. A full list of restaurants is found on their Gastronomia page.