IDLife’s Logan Stout Agrees To Partnership With Garmin

Garmin International and IDLife had recently announced the start of a collaborative relationship as from June 1, 2017. IDLife is an upcoming health company while Garmin is a technology company that specializes in wearable devices. This strategic new partnership will see them sharing customers thereby increasing their respective revenues. Clients of IDLife who seek to track their health and wellness information will benefit from being able to purchase Garmin’s wearable devices from the IDLife website.

Garmin International manufactures a line of smart scales and activity trackers. Data from the vivo activity tracker and the Garmin Index Smart Scale are collected and stored on the user’s cellphone. These devices connect over Wi-Fi and collect data such as Weight, BMI, Skeletal Muscle Mass and heart rate. The users can then access all this information from the IDWellness mobile application. This integration with the cell phone makes it easier to track health goals and milestones.

IDLife offers it’s clients a healthier alternative lifestyle by giving them high-quality products with customized nutritional constituents such as vitamins and minerals. The company has curated a program dubbed IDLife Experience in which participants perform three tasks a day to improve their overall health. The partnership between Garmin and IDLife is because of their mutual belief in sustaining the wellness of their clients. Together they offer expertise gained from over a decade of experience in the health industry.

About Logan Stout
IDLife was founded by its current Chief Executive Officer Logan Stout in May 2014. Before this venture, however, Logan had been an accomplished entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, and orator. Mr. Logan Stout has always had the ambition to help people through empowering them to pursue their dreams and talents.

Stout has spent years touring the nation speaking at leadership conferences and motivational seminars sharing his brand of wisdom. He seeks to inspire listeners through his speech to gain motivation to make something of themselves. Stout has made numerous appearances in the media with his opinion and advice being called upon on programs such as The Dallas Morning News and CBS Radio. Logan’s book “Stout Advice” is a regional best-seller.

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